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What you need to know before you apply


The success of our Professional Development Training Programs is a reflection of the many inspired contributions of our Independent Instructor Partners. Each of our Engaged Instructors is building their own Training Business with the support of CRT, which provides them with extensive training, courses and course materials. Every program offered by CRT and its engaged instructors is part of a meaningful suite of professional development courses designed to improve the culture and lives of employees at all organizational levels. 


Becoming a CRT-Engaged Independent Instructor requires extensive training. We want to make sure that we partner with individuals who share our values of respect, inclusivity, resiliency, authenticity, humility, optimism and integrity. To enable candidates to highlight their unique strengths and backgrounds, we have created a simplified selection process. The process takes approximately 30 days to complete, after which selected applicants will begin to build their business while undertaking approximately fifty-five (55) hours of training in Workplace Culture skills: Conflict Resolution, Interpersonal Communication, Leading Difficult Conversations, Workplace Wellness Programs and much more.


There are expenses associated with starting your business partnership with CRT. An initial Training Fee of $15,000 will be required after you are accepted into the Instructor Certification Program, after which you will receive extensive training in the courses you will teach, in addition to how to teach these courses. Best teaching methods and practices, how to facilitate classrooms, both onsite and online, how to best use course materials for success, and more will be part of your journey to becoming an excellent presenter of our programs. As part of your business launch, you will contribute a monthly engagement administrative fee of $350. So, you should have liquid assets of at least $25,000 to cover your startup and first year costs. While this is a very low start-up cost for starting a business, we want our engaged instructors to feel financially secure in making this investment as they move through the path to generating revenue in teaching.

Unlike other teaching careers in which you would earn an average of $18-$45 per hour as a teacher or college professor, CRT Instructors earn between $100-$200 per hour (depending on class location and size) for teaching CRT courses. For this reason, being engaged by CRT as an Independent Instructor is competitive. If you are an engaging presenter, highly organized, share our core values, and are comfortable with the necessary startup costs for your Independent Instructor Business, consider applying today. In a short time, you will be learning and teaching something globally meaningful!

Whether you are looking for a new source of income or a new career direction, this may be the perfect opportunity for you.  


If offered engagement by CRT as an Independent Instructor, you will participate in a comprehensive series of training sessions over the course of several months.


Your Instructor Certification Program (ICP) includes fifty five (55) hours of training in Workplace Conflict Resolution, Interpersonal Communications Skills, Leading Difficult Conversations, Workplace Mediation and Facilitation and more.


Upon completing your ICP, you will be thoroughly prepared with the skills you need to be a successful Independent Instructor. And you will begin to teach classes and earn revenue from teaching classes.  

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Unlike other training, certificate and degree programs, upon completing your Instructor Certification Program, you will not have to submit resumes and job applications seeking teaching opportunities. 


You will immediately begin to teach CRT students and you will do so as an independent instructor, sharing in the success of every class you teach. 

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There is a growing need for professional development training within many organizations that seek to attract and retain top talent. Training in Workplace Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Communications Skills, Leading Difficult Conversations, Workplace Burnout and other Workplace Wellness topics are in high demand. Learn and teach these skills to others as part of your own business as an Independent Instructor.

As a CRT-Certified and Engaged Independent Instructor, you will be part of an incredible faculty that works collaboratively, yet independently, in bringing these valuable skills to thousands of organizations!

The Application Process for the Certified Independent Instructor Program is simple  


Attend an
Information Session


File Your


Attend Your


Start Your


The first step is to sign up for an information session and learn more about Conflict Resolution Training, our CRT-Engaged Independent Instructor Program and how our independent instructors work once they have completed their training. 


After attending one of our information sessions you will receive an email with a link to our application form. This is where you will have the chance to tell us more about yourself, your experience, and why you want to teach with CRT.


If your application is accepted, we will schedule an online interview, where you will have the chance to get to know our Head Instructor and where you will assess if you are good fit for this Program. 


If you are great match for the CRT-Engaged Independent  Instructor Program, you will be invited to join the next training cohort. If you need financial assistance, CRT can help you create a payment plan or arrange financing. 

*If you cannot find a time that fits in your schedule by using the link above, please contact us to schedule an information session that works for you. 


Conflict Resolution Training Instructors enjoy more freedom and better work-life balance  than other teachers and professors due to their independence as instructors. They choose the classes  they want to teach and participate in sharing revenue with Conflict Resolution Training when it comes to class success. Return on a CRT Instructor’s educational investment is far more straight forward and rapid than other business investment or education opportunities. Consider the following comparisons before deciding your future path to meaningful work.  

Training Time & Cost

Instructor Certification
$10,000 - $30,000
Mediation / Conflict 
Resolution Certificate
Included for CRT Instructors.
All training is live. 
$2,500 - $27,800
From 3 hrs to full year programs, many with pre-recorded videos
Additional Fees
$50 Refundable Application Fee
$350 / Month Administrative Business Expense
$75 - $750 Nonrefundable Fees
Total Time to
Complete Certification
12 Weeks
2 - 26 Weeks
Total Cost
$12,575 - $57,800

Immediate Return on Your Startup Investment. Higher Earnings and Work Independence

Time to Find
Teaching Opportunity
5 - 18 Months
Earnings Range for
Teaching Opportunity
$100 - $200+ per hour
$15 - $30 per hour
Independent vs. Employee
Independent Instructor 
W-2 Employee